Participation and the digital divide

images (3)We may not be surprised to hear someone talking about how they access the internet, while we may be shocked when somebody tell us they do not access the internet. But it is true that there is a ‘digital divide’ which is a gap between those who can afford to use digital technologies easily and those who cannot. This is not just happen on poorer countries and richer countries, but all over the world. As we become ever more reliant on the digital world for interaction, a new gap is appearing.

Currently, the digital devices are becoming increasingly expensive as the devices are improved. What is happening now is lack of affordable broadband which creates the “divide" (Bentley.P, 2014). For example, the popular brand which is APPLE, most of the people can easily buy one or more products such as iPhone. However, some people can not afford the cost of a NOKIA cell phone. The cost of connecting to the internet has decreased in recent years but it is still a big expense for those on fixed or low incomes, therefore some people may fall behind the others who can use the digital technologies (Bentley.P, 2014).

What are we missing out on if we can not participate? Some people emphasize that there is a variety of things that we can not connect or interact unless we connect to the internet. Internet helps us to widen our world, communicate with our families who may be far away from us. As a student, digital technology helps them to engage with the world. We can not enjoy these unless we can use the technology.

There is no doubt that there are some people who can not participate in the digital world, and this problem may be worsen in years if there is no a suitable and concrete method to alleviate it.


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